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We specialise in forming large diameter flights for drilling and earth augers. We also form flights for drilling rig tools and weld them on a shaft. Our true from flights and better fit ups significantly improve auger life. We have years of experience in forming and repairing drill augers. With our expertise we manage to form some of the really difficult combinations of larger OD flight to a very small ID.

We have formed thousands of auger flights so far and  our product speak of our quality. Most recently, we have added a wealth to our company by investing in most advance screw flight forming machine, that allows us to form abrasion resistant plates such as Hardox 450, Biasalloy, HBs, High tensile steel and sandwich plates. And because of its high speed production and flexibility we managed to drop down our costs to provide you a better quality product at affordable price. 

Companies always looking for new ways to improve their auger performance and you happen to be one of them and wanted us to design customised flights to check your auger efficiency, we would be happy to produce augerflgihts for you.

Our expertise is in forming augerflights for a range of augers;

  • Soil Auger
  • Durt Auger
  • Rock Auger
  • Mud Auger
  • Sand Auger
  • Customised Auger


Material our machines are compatible with

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High tensile steel
  • Carbide Plate
  • Abrasion Resistant Plate
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel Alloy 
  • Sandwich plate (Carbide)

If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.